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Discover Good Diet Friendly Snacks

One of the easiest ways to sabotage a diet is to buy into the notion that dieting means “no snacking.” On the contrary, most successful diets involve eating several small portions of healthy foods throughout the day to keep hunger attacks at bay. This being said, you will need to make wiser, calorie-conscious snack selections if you want to stick to your diet and achieve those weight-loss goals.

healthy snacksObviously, everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are good for you, but they are also good for your diet goals. Eating fruits and vegetables is a low calorie way to fill your tummy and stave off hunger and also key to keeping your digestive system regular, since most fruits and vegetables are high in fiber. To that effect, rotating some of you favorite fruits and vegetables into your diet is a good way to keep your hunger in check, your system functioning properly, and add a little variety to your snack routine. Apple slices dipped in yogurt, baby carrots spread with hummus, and celery sticks with either organic cream cheese or natural peanut butter are all healthy, low calorie, hunger-curbing snacks that won’t bust your diet. Dried fruits, such as apricots, raisins, and prunes, are also fast and filling snacks that don’t need any special preparation.

Another low calorie, healthy diet snack is low fat yogurt. Yogurt comes in a variety of flavors and is a light, but satisfying snack that can also boost your digestion. Look for low fat yogurts that boast “active cultures” to get the most probiotic help for your digestive system. Add “super foods” such as blueberries, oatmeal, and crumbled walnuts to your yogurt for the ultimate healthy parfait.

For those who need extra protein in their diet, nuts, cheeses and eggs are good snack choices. A handful of walnuts not only provides a satisfying snack, but supplies your body with much needed protein, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to lower bad cholesterol. Low-fat, organic string cheese is another high-protein snack that helps fill you up without sabotaging your diet. Lastly, hard boiled eggs, besides being high in protein, are only 70 calories and are easy to prepare, pack, and eat.

Of course, not all healthy snacks have to look healthy. Baked chips, low salt popcorn, and low fat frozen yogurts are all tasty treats that fit perfectly into a healthy diet, provided they are implemented into a diet in appropriate, snack-sized portions. In conclusion, snacking while on a diet shouldn’t be considered taboo. In fact, eating in-between meals, when done correctly, is one of the best ways to curb hunger pangs and increase your chance of achieving your diet goals. Just make some sensible, healthy choices based on your on dietary needs and personal taste and you will be snacking your way to weight-loss and a healthier you in no time.